Running and Walking in Tucson

Welcome to Tucson!

First things first, let’s make sure you have a great time here while staying safe. It can get pretty hot and sunny, so remember to keep yourself hydrated, use that sunscreen, and don’t spend too much time under the desert sun. Even if you don’t feel like you’re sweating much, your sweat evaporates quickly in this dry heat, making it easy to get dehydrated.

Now, let’s talk about Tucson, often called the “Old Pueblo.” This place is awesome, surrounded by four stunning mountain ranges: the majestic Santa Catalinas up north, the scenic Rincons to the east, the Tucson Mountains to the west, and the beautiful Santa Ritas about an hour south.

One of Tucson’s claims to fame is being named a “City of Gastronomy” by UNESCO, and trust us, the food and drinks here don’t disappoint. While our authentic Mexican cuisine is a must-try, there are all kinds of flavors to savor in our little city.  We’ll make some suggestions below, so stay tuned!

We think that what really sets Tucson apart is our incredible running community. We’ve got tons of running groups, top-notch coaches, and a wide range of training options. Summers here can be scorching, so most of us hit the trails bright and early, often before the sun’s up. But during fall and winter Tucson is perfect for cyclists and runners alike who are looking to escape the cold and snow and get some great training in!


Great Places to Run

  1. Road
    1. Chuck Huckleberry Loop
    2. Reid Park
    3. Udall Park
    4. UA Mall
    5. Sentinal Peak Park, “A-Mountain”
    6. Tumamoc Hill
    7. Saguaro National Park (East or West)
  2. Trail
    1. Arizona Trail
      1. (North of Tucson) Pusch Ridge
      2. Santa Catalina Mountains
      3. Redington Pass
      4. Rincon Mountains
      5. Rincon Valley
      6. (South-East of Tucson) Las Cienegas
    2. Sabino Canyon
      1. Esperero Trail
      2. Phoneline Trail
      3. Bear Canyon
    3. Mount Lemmon (Northern Mountain Range)
      1. Molina Basin
      2. Gordon Hirabayashi Prison Camp
      3. Bug Springs Trail (Upper and Lower)
      4. Green Mountain
      5. Ventana Canyon
      6. Finger Rock Trail
      7. Pima Canyon Trail
    4. Catalina State Park
    5. Tucson Mountains/Painted Hills (Western Mountain Range)
      1. Yetman Trail
      2. Sweetwater Preserve
      3. Wasson Peak
        1. King Canyon Trail
        2. Sweetwater Trail
    6. Rincon Mountains (Eastern Mountain Range)
      1. Douglas Springs Trail
      2. Tanque Verde Ridge
    7. Santa Rita Mountains (Southern Mountain Range)
      1. Old Baldy Trail
      2. Super Trail
    8. Honeybee Trail

Walking and Running Groups

  1. Road
    1. 520 Running & Riding
    2. Run Tucson
    3. Come Run
    4. Meet me at Maynards
    5. Meet Wednesday
    6. SWET (Southwest Endurance Training)
  2. Trail
    1. Tucson Trail Runners (TTR)
    2. Trail Sisters – Sorry Fellas, this is Women only!
    3. Women of the Sonoran Desert – Sorry Fellas, this is Women only!

Places to Eat

Check out the Tucson Foodie for ALL of your Tucson Gastro needs!!  You could also check out This is Tucson!